City of Las Cruces, NM Police Officer - Lateral in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Job Title:Police Officer - Lateral

Closing Date/Time:Continuous

Salary:$21.52 - $24.67 Hourly

Job Type:Full-time Regular

Location:700 N. Main St., Las Cruces, New Mexico

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Nature of Work Benefits Supplemental Questions

This will be a continuous posting; applications will be reviewed periodically.

Fulltime, regular, non-exempt position. Pay will be based upon number of years of full-time experience in law enforcement up to the salary range posted at top of announcement.

Offering a$3,000 recruitment and retention incentive payment with a 36 month commitment.

Performs general duty police work involved in the protection of persons and property; prevention and investigation of crimes; and enforcement of laws.

Position is subject to competing demands such as ten-hour shifts on a rotating basis; extended work hours beyond regular shift when necessary; multiple tasks; strict deadlines; and exposure to serious bodily harm. Regular attendance is an essential function of this job to ensure continuity of services. Position is subject to drug testing in accordance with applicable State and Federal regulations and City of Las Cruces policies.

Meeting or exceeding the minimum qualifications does not guarantee an invitation to participate in the process.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Performs general duty police work in order to provide protective services to the general public of Las Cruces.

• Patrols streets, roads, and public places on foot, motorcycle, patrol car, or any other means of conveyance to prevent crime, enforce laws, or respond to criminal actions.

• Issues tickets to traffic violators.

• Renders first aid at accident sites, reroutes traffic accordingly, and investigates causes and results of accidents.

• Responds to reported crime scenes adhering to required processes and procedures.

• Writes and files report of daily activity immediately following each shift.

• Cooperates with county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in the apprehension and detention of persons involved in criminal activity.

• Appears in court to present evidence and testify against apprehended individuals violating the law.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Twenty (20) years of age

  2. United States citizenship (born or naturalized)

  3. Valid driver's license

  4. Valid high school diploma or equivalent (GED)

  5. No misdemeanor convictions within the last three (3) years

  6. No convictions of domestic violence

  7. No felony convictions

  8. Any drug usage since receiving a peace officer certification will disqualify

  9. Must not have ever transported illegal drugs

  10. Must not have a Dishonorable Discharge from the US Military

  11. Must pass all steps of theSelection Process; see below

  12. Must have a current law enforcement certification that is issued or recognized and approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.

  13. Must have a minimum of two (2) years of law enforcement experience from the date of certification. Law enforcement experience must include, but not limited to: conducting traffic stops and/or investigations; responding to domestic violence calls, disorderly conduct and public affrays calls, DWI/DUI; community policing.

  14. Must complete LCPD Lateral Training

  15. Must complete LCPD Field Training & Evaluation Program (up to 14 weeks).

  16. Out-of-State Lateral Officers must complete the one (1) week Certification by Waiver course (held in Santa Fe, NM) within the first year of employment.

Selection Process (NM Certified only):

  1. Complete and submit City of Las Cruces application

  2. LCPD Physical Agility assessment

  3. NMDPS Day & Night qualification course

  4. Extensive background investigation

  5. LCPD Assessment Center

  6. Polygraph

  7. Psychological examination, evaluation and interview

  8. Medical physical/Drug screening

  9. Police Chief interview

Selection Process (out-of-state):

  1. Complete and submit City of Las Cruces application

  2. Physical assessment (50th percentile)

  3. NMDPS Agility Obstacle Courses

  4. NMDPS Day & Night firearms qualification course

  5. Extensive background investigation

  6. LCPD Assessment Center

  7. Polygraph

  8. Psychological examination , evaluation and interview

  9. Medical physical / Drug screening

  10. Police Chief interview


  1. Eleven (11) paid holidays per year

  2. Twelve (12) sick leave days per year

  3. Personal leave

  4. Vacation leave

  5. Bereavement leave

  6. Health insurance plans

  7. All uniforms, equipment and sidearm provided

  8. Work related injury compensation

  9. Retirement program (P.E.R.A.)

  10. Take home car program

  11. Promotional opportunities

  12. Four (4) – 10 hour work days

  13. Paid overtime & compensatory time off

  14. Forty (40) hours of annual leave upon hiring

  15. Eight (8) hours of personal leave upon hiring

  16. Spanish speaking pay - incentive

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred. Ability to plan, direct, and coordinate police and civilian activities. Knowledge in police operations, techniques, practices, traffic control and enforcement, and resource planning. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills necessary in interacting with general public and City staff. Knowledge of safety and standard police practices. Working knowledge of personal computer with appropriate software is necessary. Ability to operate all assigned equipment and tools.